Hi, I am Mike, principal videographer and founder at Dancing Dress Films. Thanks for taking a look at my website, heres the bit where I tell you a little about myself....

Filming and editing are the tools which help me fulfill my passion for storytelling, and having honed the skills required for wedding videography over 7 years I am able to tell the story of your special day with an authenticity and striking visual style.

I believe that a good relationship between the videographer and the couple is fundamental to capturing great moments. It's important in post production too, with productive communication during the editing process your film becomes the best it can be.



Working with You


Each couple is different and it is important for me to meet my clients either in person or via video call, normally a few weeks before the big day. This enables us to get to know each other better and crucially form trust, which is always important. The big bonus for me is that once I know your unique personality I can understand how to represent that in your film.

So now I have a sense of your style and personality and I can feed that into your wedding film through music choices, creative camera shots, and visual tempo. This all results in a film which is truly bespoke and representative of you as a couple.

Process & Delivery

Having filmed the wedding I will take the footage and get creative with it in the edit room. From our chats regarding music I am able to choose the soundtrack for the film and the final piece starts coming together. 

This is an exciting stage but can be time consuming with the edit taking between 4 - 10 weeks, depending on which package you went for. The wait is worth it!

With final feedback we look forward to sending you your completed film with all your features chosen from our packages. You can look forward to opening an HD download link or receiving one of our bespoke USB drives in the post. Your Dancing Dress film is finished.